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Backwoods Adventure Mods Revel Side Ladder

$840.00 USD

The (In our opinion) Most Badass ladder available for your Winnebago Revel!

Fast and easy install.  Installation should take less than 2 hours from start to finish including a few libations ;)

Ships in 4 pieces.

-Top bracket to ladder
-Top ladder half
-Lower Ladder Half
-Lower Bracket to Pinch Weld

Includes all hardware required, with the only modification to the van being drilling 3 1/4 holes in the pinch weld, and possibly adjusting a roof rack mount bracket (10mm and 13mm to loosen the bracket and slide it back a little bit if it interferes with the ladder up top)

Drops down over the factory rack and is held on with stainless U bolts.  
Lower half of ladder is held on with a backing plate, 3 1/4 bolts, and you must drill 3 1/4 holes through the pinch weld.

We think it is an awesome option to get rid of that ugly rear ladder and access the roof to clean your solar panels.  

Free shipping is included!