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Ram Promaster Magnetic Insulated Window Cover - Windshield

$165.00 USD

*Please allow 2-3 weeks for these window covers to be custom made and delivered

This custom privacy curtain fits perfectly on the front windshield of the RAM ProMaster van. It is so easy to put up or take down. Attaching on the sides with 3 super strong magnets that are sewn into each side. These magnets are strong enough to attach through the plastic trim.

Included with the curtain are 7 steel clips (1/2 inch in size) that can easily be slipped onto the edge of the headliner. The top edge of the curtain has 7 super strong magnets that will attach to these 7 clips providing a snug and secure fit.

  • Constructed with Cordura fabric (polyurethane coated nylon) which is incredibly sturdy. Easy to clean and folds quickly to stow away when not in use and always keeps its form.  They are reversible and can be used with either side facing in.  It also has an additional layer of thinsulate insulation in the center, which obviously makes it thicker with a higher R-value, but it can still be folded up for storage.
  • Panel is charcoal grey, trimmed with black bias tape and lining is made of Temptrol material. This is a radiant barrier, very thin, lightweight, breathable, puncture, tear resistant and washable. Blocking nearly all of the incoming light and 95% of the radiant heat. Also, breathable, it also prevents condensation. 
  • Optional Heavy Duty Insulation can be added to help increase the energy efficiency of your vehicle and provide a more consistent temperature. Added Insulation also provides highly efficient acoustic absorption, particularly in middle- to high-frequency ranges.
  • The cover is lined with a diamond patterned 400 denier ripstop nylon. They can be removed partially for light or visibility. The window as well as the door can be opened with these covers in place.