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Fridge Topper | Lid Organizer for Dometic CFX 50W

$69.99 USD

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Is there anything more satisfying than a good topping? We think not. Whether it's hot fudge on a sundae, hot sauce on a taco, or pepperoni on a pizza. Some people say that “variety is the spice of life.” At BROG, we say “Nope. Toppings. Toppings are the spice of life!” (Coincidently, if you are one of those people who say pineapple is NOT a legitimate pizza topping, we can no longer be friends. Unfriend us. Do it.

The BROG Fridge Topper and Lid Organizer is just another one of life's great toppings. It's made to fit the Dometic CFX 50W. Across the top, the cover features a layer of insulating foam. The stabilizing strap fits under the control panel so you can still see all of your important buttons.

And yes, the fridge lid will still open with the cover on, just in case you were wondering.

The best part about the fridge topper is the organization potential. A giant Velcro platform across the top will comfortably hold five 4x12x2" large velcro pouches. The first two pouches are included with the fridge topper, in a color combination of your choice. These pouches are an excellent place to store things like forks, spoons, (or sporks if you're the mad-efficient sort), knives, spices, matches, power cords, spatulas, lighters, your road-trip rock collection … you get the idea. It's great for small items!

Product Features
    • Made to fit the Dometic CFX 50W Fridge

    • Adds a layer of insulation foam
    • Stabilizing strap doesn't cover the control panel
    • Fridge lid open with cover in place
    • Features a Velcro Platform for small pouches or vanity patches
    • Includes two 4x12x2" Velcro Pouches
    • Great for storing small, loose items
    • Handcrafted in the USA