BROG Four Seasons Patch (Winter)
BROG Four Seasons Patch (Winter)

BROG Four Seasons Patch (Winter)

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The BROG Four Seasons patches are a collectable series that was launched in Fall 2019, and will feature Fall (2019), Winter, Spring, and Summer. Each patch design is a limited run for each season with Winter having a circulation of only 500. Once they are out of stock they will not be available.

The Fall patches (OUT OF STOCK!) were released in October 2019. Winter patches were released December 31, 2019. Spring and Summer will be released in 2020.

These are embroidered patches, with merrowed borders featuring Velcro (hook) backing that will allow you to place this patch on any Velcro (loop) surface.

The design features the horizontal BROG logo with seasonal icon incorporated.


  • Only 500 Winter patches will be in circulation.
  • Patch measures 4 x 2".
  • Backed with hook velcro material.
  • Features merrowed border.
  • Under 100% thread count embroidery.
  • Exclusive limited run design.
Circulation Breakdown

Fall patches: 1,000 in circulation (SOLD OUT!)
Winter patches: 500 in circulation