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Mercedes VS30 Electric

FreedomVanGo Boondocking 200ah - 400ah Power In a Box (PIB)

$11,999.00 USD

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Package Includes:
Victron Energy 200AH Battery - 2211.70
Victron Energy VE.Bus BMS - 118.5
Victron Energy 100/30 MPPT Smart Solar Controller- 226.10
Victron Energy Lynx Distribution Box - 206.55
Victron Energy BMV-712 Bluetooth Battery Monitor - 206.55 
Victron Energy Multiplus 3000watt Inverter Charger - 1284.36
Victron Energy Smart Dongle - 78.20
Victron Energy Digital Multi Control - 147.06
Victron Orion dc to dc charger x2 - 263.50 (527)
Blue Sea AC Mains Circuit Breaker Panel - 75.94
Blue Sea 3 position CB panel - 175.99
Marine Grade 4 AWG Wire, 40ft for DC to DC charging system Red/Black - 463.00
Marine Grade 1/0 AWG Wire, approx 20ft for Component Connection - 310.0
Marine Grade 8 AWG wire, approx 25 ft for Solar Connection and harness - 70.00
Roof Solar Gland cable pass-thru with butyl tape and MC4 Connections- 40.00
30A service pug for exterior shore power - 60.00
stranded marine 110v wiring -200
-Shore power to CB and Inverter/charger
-Inverter Charger to C/Bs included
Blue Sea Fuse Box - 40.00
Aluminum Frame with Cabinetry in black or white with opening door - 800
Other items-
Circuit Breakers
Assorted Terminals and fittings
Heat shrink
Anti Chaffing Wire Cover
Blue Sea Shutoff Switch
Updating, Programming, and set up of components for Lithium
Hydraulically crimped terminal ends
Testing of all components
Assembly of the cabinet unit
Custom length cat 6 cables for monitors and controllers
Cabinet measures approx 33 long 16 deep 23 high

The parts that the end-user needs to do:

Install solar harness through the roof with 1 1/2 hole saw

Drill hole through the back of the box and wall to pass wires

Install shore power plug and connect wiring to the plug per instructions

Connect DC to DC Charging to your vehicle battery (Crimp-on on terminals we supply once you cut to length and then heat shrink terminal ends)

Mount and connect fuse box outsidethe  of unit



For the extra Fan Wiring Harness we make, click below:


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