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Mercedes VS30 Electric

FreedomVanGo Weekender 100ah - 200ah Power in a box (PIB)

$5,499.99 USD

FreedomVanGo is proud to introduce the first in a line of "Power In a Box" units

 **Note of Change**

We will no longer be putting the Anderson connectors on the side of the box to attempt to make installation easier and sleeker.  The connectors will now be inside the box, and once you figure out your location, a 2" hole saw will be needed to make a hole in the back of the box and van wall panel to run the cables.  The ease of installation is still the same, but with customer feedback, we decided to make it a more compact and clean package!

Designed specifically for the weekender or power-conscious user who wants enough to power their van with no fuss!

Developed in collaboration with Victron Energy to ensure rock-solid layout, simplicity, and longevity to make it as easy as possible to get you on the road in comfort. 

This kit includes:

DC to DC Charging Harness:

  • 25ft AWG 8 Marine Grade wire with Anderson connector for DC to DC charging. Terminals are included but not installed so you can trim as needed when you connect to the battery.

Solar Harness:

  • 15ft AWG 10 Marine Grade wire with MC4 Connectors preinstalled, Solar Gland Pre Installed, Included Butyl Tape and sheet metal screws, anti-chafing cover, pre-installed Anderson connector for fast integration to the P.I.B

Fuse Box Harness

  • 5ft AWG 8 Marine Grade wire with Anderson connector preinstalled, anti-chafing cover, two terminals included so you can cut wire length to your needs. 

P.I.B Components include:


We have spent tons of hours on this unit to make a capable, cost-effective, and reliable setup that will rival the goal zero units, with better use cases and quality parts with great support.  The box is ideally designed to fit behind or in front of a wheel well area with lots of leeways thanks to generous wiring harnesses.  

For the extra Fan Wiring Harness we make, click below:


Box Dimensions Are:
17 wide x 13.5 deep x 27 tall

Shipping will be from $200-$500 typically depending on location if you are a business or residential address. 
Will be shipped via LTL freight on a pallet  

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at info@freedomvango.com.