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Mercedes VS30 4WD Wheels, Tires, and Suspension

Mercedes Sprinter 4x4 (2015-Current) Front Sway Bar Disconnect Kit

$175.00 USD

The front suspension on 4x4 Sprinters has limited suspension articulation. The stiff front sway bar tends to reduce articulation even further and enhance side to side shifting at low speeds. Many have experienced the tires lifting off the ground when traversing over uneven surfaces. Traction is lost as tires lift and forward momentum stalls. The Van Compass front sway bar disconnect link kit allows your van to reach its full potential. Disconnecting the sway bar can allow for 3" of additional articulation while off road. The front suspension will move independently over bumps for a much more compliant ride and additional traction. Simply steer the van all the way to the left, unhook the sway bar link and plug it onto the holding pin.  

  • Reduces the back and forth sway over obstacles
  • Allows suspension to move more efficiently over bumps off road
  • The system is 100% bolt on

Simple installation with basic hand tools.

 Van Compass Sprinter 4x4 sway bar disconnect