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Ford Transit Stoves, Fridges, and Slides


$619.00 USD

Shown installed in one of our vans. Drain/Strainer not included. Please see install package for complete kit

Dometic MO8322US Euro Style 2-Burner Hob Cooktop / Sink Combination

SMEV's MO8322 compact design makes it perfect for a tight fit when you are designing your camper. The fold-down faucet and glass lid allow you too create more counter space in a matter of seconds. Equipped with an electric ignition making your life easier when firing up this cooktop.

High Quality

SMEV is a manufacturer based in Italy, making high quality RV and marine products. All SMEV's products are made of 304-L category stainless steel, a type of steel engineered for heavy industrial applications. To ensure maximum resistance against stains, SMEV also chooses the 18/10 alloy, that is a steel formulation that guarantees 18 parts of chromium and 10 of nickel. The resulting products are strong, durable, light and free of any wrinkled or shaded areas.

Ignition and Fuel

The SMEV MO8322 two burner cooktop is fueled by LP-Gas, with an electric ignition. The left burner is 5900 BTU and the right burner is 3700 BTU. SMEV uses JetFlow technology, consuming 33% less gas than competitor models while delivering much higher temperatures. SMEV cooktops require the hookup of low pressure propane before the regulator on the appliance.

Product Information

Overall Dimensions


Cut-out Dimensions


Cabinet Depth

5" (Sink), 4-1/8" (Burners)

Sink Dimensions


Burner Grate Dimensions

6-7/8" & 5-1/4"

Drain Hole Cut-Out


Faucet Hole Cut-Out


Power Source

LP Gas (Propane)

Gas Pressure Requirement

11" W.C.

BTU/hr Rating




Safety Shut-Off (Thermocouple)


Burner Style